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Bhava means your existence, your sense of being, your unique individuality, and your vision of life. We curate beautiful products to compliment your yoga journey in and out of the yoga studio, supporting your well-being and healthy lifestyle.

bhavabox was born from the love of yoga!

“I love the way my practice makes me feel on and off the mat. Yoga has the amazing ability to take oneself through a transformation. It is a journey that brings new energy and vision amongst many other wonderful things. 

After a few months of regular practice I noticed a change in the way I wanted to nurture myself and so the search began for natural products, oils, lotions and potions to support this journey. I was looking for products that had a special essence and so with mindful and heartfelt intent bhavabox was born, bringing the essence of beautiful gifts to you. 

Created for the yoga lifestyle to support you on & off your mat. You don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy the bhavabox experience, a love of natural and holistic ways of living is all that is needed". 

bhavabox is for everyone, just as yoga is for everybody. 


Vanessa – Curator & Founder

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