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Registered 240 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals


"Vanessa is an amazing teacher that I personally feel a great connection with. She has this gentle and calm energy that she fills the whole room with. Vanessa takes the time to explain, educate and correct your practice to ensure your safety and optimal benefits. Vanessa is currently delivering corporate classes at my work & I am really looking forward to every Tuesday" 


“Vanessa is an amazing yoga teacher; she is my first yoga teacher but I don’t think I am biased because I have had many different teachers in other things such as martial arts and Vanessa is definitely one of the best!Every class we do is different, I feel like I learn so much in each session and I always sleep like a baby after I do yoga with Vanessa. Her enthusiasm shines out of her and makes you want to excel and her own level of fitness and health inspires you to want to be like her. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone out there who wants to try yoga and maybe isn’t sure – one session and you will be hooked!”


“I must admit starting yoga at the age of 65, I didn’t think I would be able to manage any yoga positions, but a year on down the line, here I am getting into positions I never thought I could, under your very watchful eye I have managed to safely get into all the positions. I am so glad I decided to join your classes, it has worked wonders for my body, after my classes I feel wonderful, all my joints feel so much better, and I feel so much better in myself. Thank you for being such a good teacher and a lovely person”.


“I have never had a yoga teacher that enables me to relax and stretch me at the same time, engaging muscles I didn’t know I had and coming away from the class feeling on such a high. My flexibility has improved as well as learning new techniques to distress and stretch away those troublesome desk niggles a day in the office brings. Thoroughly recommend her classes for all abilities, shapes and sizes. You will be amazed at what you can achieve”.


“As my first regular teacher, Vanessa has expertly introduced me to Vinyasa yoga. She has opened my mind to the fantastic mental and physical benefits of flow yoga. The synchronisation of all movement to the breath, focuses, yet relaxes the mind. Vanessa has taught me of the strong connection between my body and the energy that flows through me. Vanessa’s passion is very much reflected in her teaching. Her positive attitude and generous encouragement, alongside her fabulous sense of humour, make our classes both inspiring and enjoyable. She has succeeded in providing a comfortable, safe and happy environment where I can focus on my yoga. Her clear and kind instruction has allowed my ability and confidence to grow. Vanessa’s teaching has lit a fire in my belly and ignited my newfound passion for yoga”.


“In 2015 RAPP engaged Yoga with Vanessa to teach yoga, on-premise, and it has bought many benefits to our organisation. As well as the obvious benefits of yoga, I have found that it has really helped staff to feel that RAPP is interested in their physical and mental wellbeing, which in turn delivers a more engaged and productive employee. I wholeheartedly support showing commitment to staff by offering activities that acknowledge their interests. If the company also subsidises these activities then all the better. RAPP subsides both yoga and football to bring a holistic view to employee engagement.  I would highly recommend Vanessa and her teaching approach, to any organisation looking to offer extra-curricular activities. I have received great feedback from employees who have taken part in her classes, and this has proven that this was a good decision”.

Carolyn E Stebbings, Executive Managing Partner 
RAPP Ltd, London

Yoga with Vanessa is amazing! She has given me the tools to help clear my mind, which has allowed me to focus on my breathing. I can now move into the yoga poses with grace and ease. Vanessa’s teaching is fantastic and is easy to follow. Her demonstrations and instructions of the poses are clear and she is patient with each of her students to give us time to feel confident with the poses. I love every minute of yoga with Vanessa and find it extremely relaxing after a long day at work. Yoga with Vanessa is the “me” time I look forward to each week!”



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